Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jake McQuiggan: Mary Jane

Jake McQuiggan: Mary Jane: Mary Jane   Legalization of marijuana has become a huge topic in government in the past few years. Although some may argue that it...
After reading these scary facts I think if you smoke marijuana or like smoking it you should stop while you are ahead.  Because you are killing your brain cells off slowing day by day the more you smoke it.  It's just sad to see now the real facts on this drug that sad to say people don't even thinks it can harm or kill you.  Well I guess they will learn the hard way.  Oh yeah btw go and read Jake's entire paper on his's really interesting.

LesbiHonest: Gay Families (and why they're not so bad)

LesbiHonest: Gay Families (and why they're not so bad):                     Recently, the fight for equality for same-sex couples has brought up an unresolved issue. Are gay families harmful...  
What Megan wrote about in here blog is so true take some time and read it for yourself.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Today on class we watch part of a documentary called the house we live in.  I think it is a really great film, but I think there was lack of discussion because people were afraid that it would lead to arguments.  I'm glad we talked about statics and what percentage of America is incarcerated. Its around 14% of Americans are African, and 56% of them are incarcerated.  I think it is harsh to through the book at a first time offender.  But if you look at the big picture they knew it was a crime before they decided to use or sell drugs.  So I think they should be responsible for what they did no matter the time because they have other options like the rest of the world. That just what I think, but I'm not everyone so I can't judge opinions.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Today in class my group did our grammar schammar on fewer and lesser.  Fewer refers to things that are countable.  An example for fewer is : We had fewer people at the fundraiser than we had hoped.  Generally, less refers to things that are not comfortable.  An example of this is : Less talking would help my concentration.

Extra Help
1. I need less/fewer advice and more open-minded questions.
2. We had less/fewer injuries on the team than our coach expected.
3. No fewer/less than eight students flunked the exam.
4. We had fewer than/less than two hours before we had to take the exam.
5. Fewer/Less seats were filled for the concert because of the rain.
6. No fewer/less than 30 people applied for the job.
7. The muffin should cost a dollar or fewer/less.

Well I missed class on Wednesday, and apparently missed a very tension filled class.  I think the class normally is so open, and everything said is just straight forward that I'm surprised that there are never any arguments.  So Wednesday I'm guessing it kinda went in that direction, I don't understand what happened or what went wrong because we talk openly about everything in every group discussion everyone says how they feel and there isn't any negative tension.  I think the best thing to do now is for us to all go back to being open minded.  Well that's at least what I think will make stuff a little easier.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My group and I have to do our grammar schammar this Friday and we are sooo ready!  We have posters made, and maybe we will play a game or two, but we haven't decided on that yet.  I hope our class enjoys listening to our presentation.  I think Mr. Sweeney will enjoy class Friday most of all because he loves being involved and playing the games with us.
I don't know why writing research papers are so hard for me.  My class and I are on our last paper, and It's as if my brain is just shut off. I'm not sure what topic to pick from under pop culture.  It's just so many choices i don't know where to begin.  I actually like English, but i hate writing these research papers.  i wonder what can i do in order to make writing research papers just a little bit easier.